WordPress Management Tools

A WP manager to effortlessly manage all your client WordPress websites in one place.

Staq not only provides managed WordPress hosting but also provides an entire platform to better manage your agency. Staq helps you manage everything from websites through to billing, caching, and getting your client websites in the green for Google’s Core Web Vitals. See how Staq helps you better manage your agency.

One dashboard

View all your client WordPress websites in one dashboard and manage everything from a central hub. See each website's health status or go to the next stage and open Staq Panel to reveal even further settings.

Easily create new sites

Deploy a brand new WordPress environment quickly. Select your server region and have all your must-use plugins installed with the installation of WordPress in seconds.

Move your sites to Staq

Migrate a website to Staq with ease. Simply install the Staq migrator plugin and it'll automatically clone your existing website and push it to Staq as a dev link. Your dev link will be set to no-follow so Google will not index the website.

WordPress Manage Plugins & Themes

Plugins and themes fall under 2 categories; Global or Website. Global Plugins & Themes means that you update it once and it'll roll out across every site in one hit.

Website plugins and themes are handled on a per website level and are updated manually for greater control.

Set which plugin is a must-use and it'll automatically install upon each creation or migration of a website on Staq.

Reports at your finger tips

View reports seeing if any website has any issues. Take action without checking each website.

Google Core Web Vitals Optimisation

Using the Staq Hosting plugin, enable Staq cache and the Optimizer to perform one-click optimization to improve your Core Web Vitals scores for both mobile and desktop.

Image compression & WebP

All uploaded images (new or old) will automatically be compressed (jpg and png images) and those images are also converted to WebP format. Don't worry, the original image is stored on AWS S3 buckets just in case you're not happy with the quality or you want to further reduce the quality. The power is in your hands.

Built-in DNS

Create and manage all DNS records with ease inside Staq Panel. Staq's DNS is powered by AWS Route53, a premium DNS service.

Go Live fast

Taking a website live is a breeze. Simply follow our stepper and take your website live within minutes with automatic SSL generation and deployment.

1-click CDN deployment

With one click, deploy your website to the CDN which pushes into AWS CloudFront.