Host, Deploy, Manage WordPress 5x Faster

by replacing many plugins & inefficient processes

Our mission is to make your digital agency operate smoother with WordPress

It makes our life really simple and reduces the time we spend on processes.

- Juan, LinkPixel

Our life as a creative design studio is so much easier on Staq.

- Terri, Studio Sondar

Everything on Staq is my favourite feature because it minimizes subscriptions.

- Michael, MSB Solutions

The New Way of Hosting & Managing WordPress

Enjoy hosting, management, tools, security, performance, updates, and billing all in one easy platform.

Welcome to WordPress, simplified!


Tired of slow and unreliable hosting?

Tired of slow and unreliable hosting?

Website Tables V3

99.99% Up-Time Hosting

AWS-powered hosting ensures a quality experience with unmatched uptime, reliability, and speed.

Scalable Hosting

Scalable AWS Hosting

Between the Staq architecture, together with our high availability plans, be rest assured we can scale WordPress sites.


Built for efficiency

Avoid CPU-intensive and scattered management tools and use the platform that has hosting and management in one place.

When I found Staq, I knew I had found the gold. Super fast, reliable, amazing support and cutting edge tech make it the best in the world in my opinion.

- Jono Farrington, Silicon Dales Australia

Automate, consolidate
and say goodbye to third-party tools with
efficient WordPress management.

Automate, consolidate and say goodbye to third-party tools with
efficient WordPress management.

Website Table

Websites table

See all WordPress sites at a glance within Staq, including spinning up sites and migrating sites across with ease.

Automated Plugin Updates

Plugin Manager with AI

Update WordPress plugins and themes with automatic and manual tools, powered by regression testing.

Client PDF reports

Client PDF Reports

Deliver monthly, detailed PDF reports effortlessly.

Mask Group 9

Automated Backups

Automated backups operating twice/day and stored in AWS S3 buckets for security.

Automated Site monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Benefit from real-time uptime and website-health monitoring for all sites hosted on Staq.


CDN & DNS Streamlined

Integrated AWS Route53 (DNS) and CloudFront (CDN) support for seamless, high-speed site delivery and domain management, all within Staq.

We love everything about Staq! What we love the most is how easy it is to use. Everything is under one roof and our team’s efficiency has improved. They have automated tools that we love.

- Nathan Trelease, Creative Serum, Australia

Resell WordPress effortlessly.
Automated billing, lets you chase goals
not invoices.

Resell WordPress effortlessly.Automated billing, lets you chase goals not invoices.


Prosper and grow your recurring hosting revenue

Create custom plans and maximize hosting revenue with Staq. Integrate with Stripe, Staq calculates your client custom plans plus excess charges, and it'll automatically handles invoicing, charges, receipts, and failed payment alerts.

Before, my customer would pay for their hosting. Now, with WPStaq, I can create a subscription plan for them, I can then manage it and make money off from the hosting service myself.

- Michael Anastasiou, Adelaide SEO Marketing, Australia

Optimize for Core Web Vitals with ease.

Optimize for Core Web Vitals with ease.


Staq Cache

Fast TTFB through efficient HTML caching.


Staq Optimizer

Optimizes JS, CSS, media, and DOM for stellar Core Web Vitals.

Redis Cache

Redis Object Cache

Speeds up WP backend and AJAX, enhancing user experiences.

Optimize CSS JS Icon

Optimize CSS & Javascript

Minify, delay, combine, and defer for peak performance.

Optimize Images Icon

Optimize Images

Using AWS Lambda: Store originals in S3 and serve optimized or WebP images when enabled.

Optimize DOM Icon

Optimize DOM Size

Tailored for page builders: Streamline and shrink DOM size.

NextGenCDN Icon

Staq Next-Gen CDN

AWS CloudFront delivery: Ensuring rapid TTFB and serving optimized HTML globally for optimal Core Web Vitals.

I used to rely on NitroPack for my client sites. Then, I came across Staq, gave it a try and it surpassed my expectations. Using Staq's hosting platform along with their Core Web Vitals optimisation tool, I was able to slightly improve it even further compared to NitroPack. The best part is that it's a free feature of Staq. I'm in a position to save thousands of dollars a year just by moving to Staq. It's great to see an Aussie company offer an innovative product.

- Dave Barr, Blvckhaus Digital, Australia

Don't be a security target

Don't be a security target


Staq Firewall

CPU efficient firewall that's robust and seamlessly integrated within your WordPress hosting environment on Staq.


Malware Scanner

Realtime monitoring where it quarantines and auto-fixes compromised files and alerts you when you need to know.


Security Alerts

See vulnerable plugins and themes inside the Websites table inside Staq and be notified with emails also.

Staq has saved my ass and business. After a hacking scare with my old host, I now have peace of mind knowing that my client sites are protected with Staq. No more shared hosting for me!

- Lachlan McMutrie, Yeah Marketing, Australia

Staq helps you

Consolidate tools.
Cut costs.
Enhance efficiency.

Say goodbye to these third-party tools and more:


We’re so grateful for coming across Staq. I feel like our lives as a creative design studio is much easier. Mainly because we can focus on what we like doing and instead of focusing on trying to juggle all these pieces.

- Terri Williams, Studio Sondar, Australia

The first platform you'll love,
the last one you'll need.

We've got so many other powerful tools that make managing WordPress, easier:



ThemePlugin manager3

Theme / Plugin Manager

Manage users

Manage Users



DNS Zones





Search & Replace

SQL Query

SQL Query








Manage WP Core





Manage WP Core

WP Config


NGINX / PHP Config




Git Repository

Your system runs so smoothly. It's clear where everything is. Appreciate you going over and above with your service. Has helped cement the fact that you care about your customers. Goes a long way!

- Ryan Hudson, Hello Hudson, Australia

The first platform you'll love, the last one you'll need.

We've got so many other powerful tools that make managing WordPress, easier.


Server Tools


Security & Firewall




Billing Tools


Speed & Optimization Tools


Management Tools


Plugin Updates with Regression Testing

Save Money

Pay for sites; not unused hosting resources.

Eliminating third-party tools saves you even more!

Save Hours

Staq tools consolidates your WordPress experience in one platform to improve productivity.

$10k/year saving by moving away from Cloudways & WPEngine.

$10k/year saving by moving away from Cloudways & WPEngine.

See how Ryan saves $800 AUD per month or close to $10,000 per year in hard hosting costs (78 WordPress sites) by moving away from Cloudways and WPEngine.

Why agencies love
using Staq

Why agencies love using Staq


Their support is the best that we have encountered from any hosting provider.

We have found Staq to be a game changer for hosting and managing WordPress sites. The platform makes account setup, launch, and plugin updates a breeze while load times have also improved significantly. I highly recommend Staq for your WordPress hosting needs.

Nathan, Director at Creative Serum

If you're running WordPress, try it. You won't go back to another host.

I've tried and tested almost every hosting service for wordpress available around the world. When I found Staq, I knew I had found the gold. Super fast, reliable, amazing support and cutting edge tech make it the best in the world in my opinion.

Jono, Director at EcomX SEO

Free Migrations & Onboarding Experience

Free Migrations & Onboarding Experience

Seamlessly migrate to our managed WordPress hosting. We handle everything, from DNS to going live, ensuring a smooth transition with zero downtime. Trust us for a hassle-free move.

Thanks again for providing outstanding service 😊 – I really appreciate it and I must say this is by FAR the best onboarding experience I have had.

- Helen Sampson, Jagged Crow Creative, Australia

Supporting you 24/7

Supporting you 24/7

We're big enough to service, and small enough to care for your agency.

Our clients crave the ultimate hosting experience - lightning-fast speeds, seamless tools for streamlined productivity, and a hassle-free WordPress experience where everything operates like a dream.


Average 10-minute ticket response time


98% satisfaction rate


WordPress Experts

Get support from experts, so you can quickly rectify issues you have have.


Swift Responses

Expect a swift response from minutes.


Global Suport

Headquartered in Australia, our team are spread across the globe.

Thank you, you guys have the best support of any hosting I’ve tried.

- Dave Meikle, ECKOmedia Group, Australia