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Consolidate your WordPress experience in one dashboard

Staq helps growing agencies transition to a headache-free WordPress experience by replacing many services, plugins and internal processes to better manage WordPress.

Win back time and save money with Staq.


90 day money-back guarantee and we will even migrate you back to your old environment for free if you're not happy. That's the Staq guarantee!
90 day money-back guarantee and we will even migrate you back to your old environment for free if you're not happy. That's the Staq guarantee!

The trusted WordPress hosting SaaS platform for agencies and developers.


How does Staq save you time and money and improve your WordPress management?

Staq replaces these plugins, services and processes:

❌ Your hosting provider

❌ Server management

❌ Checklists for deployment

❌ Cloudflare (business plan) and APO

❌ Manual processing of hosting invoices

❌ Passwords in spreadsheets

❌ SSL deployment and renewal

❌ ManageWP

❌ Imagify

❌ Updraft

❌ WP Rocket, Nitropack & Autoptimize

❌ Wordfence

❌ Smush

❌ cPanel

Preconfigured AWS WordPress setup

In our 60 second WordPress site spin up, your new site is automatically optimized and preconfigured on Amazon Web Services with the following services:

✅ site deployed on an EC2-Instance

✅ S3 bucket to store both original and optimized images separately

✅ Lambda function to optimize images and convert them into WebP

✅ Route53 for DNS (accessible via Staq)

✅ 1-click deployment to CloudFront (CDN)

✅ Shield when you enable Staq Next-Gen CDN

The outcome?

Everything is managed from 1 platform

The one platform that replaces all these services, plugins and processes mentioned above to save you time, money and most importantly, provide a headache-free WordPress experience.

Win back time managing WordPress with a headache-free WordPress hosting SaaS platform.

Onboard with ease

Create a WP site in 60 seconds

With minimal clicks, you can spin up a new WordPress environment in around 60 seconds, including installing your must-use WordPress plugins.

REPLACES: Hosting Services that offer 1-click install, SpinupWP


Automated Migration Tool

With minimal clicks, you can automatically migrate an existing WP site to Staq without any experience. It will automatically deploy on Staq as a staging URL.

REPLACES: All-In-One-Migration, Duplicator, BackupBuddy


Manage User Permissions

Create users with full access or partial access to services inside the Staq interface. See user activity of setting changes inside the Staq interface.

REPLACES: cPanel and your inefficient process


Up to 90 days free hosting

When you create or migrate a site to Staq, you get up to 90 days of free hosting. You pay when you go live or when 90 days are up, whatever comes first.

REPLACES: Your local environment

Deploy Faster

Go-Live in 2 minutes

Effortlessly take a site live in 2 minutes. Everything from DNS import, changing database URLs, SSL certificate and changing index status for search engines.

REPLACES: your manual process that takes time, SSL services, database replace services


Premium DNS by AWS

A premium and fast DNS service that integrates with AWS Route53 DNS. Much secure and faster and centralized inside the Staq interface.

REPLACES: Cloudflare, and all DNS services


Enable CDN in 1-click

Fully configured CDN service that deploys to AWS CloudFront. The most integrated CDN service for WordPress.

REPLACES: Cloudflare, Fastly, Stackpath, BunnyCDN


Free, Automated SSL

Using Let's Encrypt, Staq has fully automated the creation and renewal process for SSL certificates.

REPLACES: Let's Encrypt, and all SSL certificates


WordPress Management, Centralized

All your WP sites in 1 table

Access and manage all your WordPress sites in one table.

REPLACES: ManageWP, MainWP, InfiniteWP



Staq receives real-time updates if any sites have issues. However, in your dashboard, you can see the health status of each site from website, SSL, CDN, Cache and etc.

REPLACES: Third-party monitoring services


Staq Panel

A replacement to cPanel; built specifically around the experience of AWS services, WordPress and NGINX settings for a more efficient experience.

REPLACES: cPanel, Plesk


Password Manager

Effortless retrieval of WordPress password in one-click. Reset the password with ease as well.

REPLACES: Spreadsheets, Password applications


built for speed 🚀

Built for Core Web Vitals

We've developed a caching and optimization tool that rivals the leaders. Optimize JS, CSS, images, fonts and DOM size (plus more) in an easy-to-use plugin built to enhance your Core Web Vital scores.

REPLACES: WP Rocket, NitroPack, Autoptimize, Imagify, ShortPixel


Image Compression

Automatic image compression for png and jpg occurs out of the box!

REPLACES: ShortPixel, Smush



Enable WebP in 1 click with Staq.

REPLACES: NitroPack, Imagify, ShortPixel


The Fastest Configured CDN

Staq has integrated its Core Web Vitals optimizer and integrated it into AWS CloudFront, offering the most integrated experience and the fastest possible website load times with most traffic served as serverless traffic.

REPLACES: Cloudflare APO


Plugin/Theme Manager

Plugins/Themes Manager

Upload and manage your plugins and themes inside a single repository. Update once and update across all site in one hit. Install plugins for a specific website and bypass the manager.



Reports at Scale

Run reports and see if any sites have PHP issues as a result of bulk plugin/theme updates.


headache-free technology

Where WordPress and AWS Meet

Staq is built on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for reliability, quality and scalable WordPress Hosting.

REPLACES: All other Hosting Services


Security out of the box

Out of the box, Staq applies security from ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and further DDoS protection when you use Staq Next-Gen CDN via AWS Shield.

REPLACES: Cloudflare, iThemes Security, Wordfence


Security Headers taken care of

HTTP security headers are not only critical for security but also for SEO. Receive an out of the box score of A for security with when your site is hosted with Staq.


Automated Backups

Automated backups where we take database back ups every 6 hours, images, videos, files and amended plugins and themes are also backed up into AWS S3 buckets. Easy retrieval via a file manager solution and 1-click database restore function.

REPLACES: Updraft and etc


Self-Healing Technology

Server or website issues; if Staq identifies an issue, it has self-healing technology to handle NGINX errors.


Resell WordPress Hosting

Custom Plans to charge hosting fees

One-click integration into Stripe, create your custom plans, assign to a client and Staq will issue a white-label invoice and charge your clients via your Stripe account each month.

REPLACES: Xero, Chargify , cPanel WHM


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