State of the art
security at every layer.

Shield your client sites with the muscle of Staq Firewall; the automated bodyguard for web developers and digital marketers. No setup, no hassle, just peace of mind and more time for coffee breaks.


Firewall system, automated!

Firewall system, automated!

Out of the box, no configuration required!

Flex digital muscles with Staq Firewall, our WAF solution securing clients' websites effortlessly. Our firewall is so automated it practically does bicep curls on its own - no need for you to spend time setting it up. But, if required, you can customize it even further.

Enjoy Fort Knox-level security and peace of mind for you and your clients.


Malware scanner on your side
so you can sleep better at night!

Malware scanner on your side so you can sleep better at night!

Security never sleeps

Staq's Malware Scanner actively safeguards your WordPress site. It autonomously detects and fixes malware, providing instant alerts for ultimate peace of mind. Sleep soundly with Staq's vigilant protection.

Malware Scanner

Stop spam bots and attacks

Stop spam bots and attacks


Spam Bot Shield for Your Forms

Web developers and digital agencies, say goodbye to pesky spam bots! Our hosting plans include advanced spam bot form protection, powered by cutting-edge algorithms. Keep your clients' inboxes spotless and forms safe, while providing extra security and peace of mind.

Top-Tier Security Headers

Empower your clients' sites with our default security headers, ensuring an 'A' security rating and a web presence as unyielding as a castle gate.


DDoS attacks

Our system can detect DDoS attacks from the DNS, server and WordPress level and stop them efficiently without compromising website performance.

Find out vulnerable plugins and themes,
before the bad guys.

Find out vulnerable plugins and themes, before the bad guys.

Plugin/Theme Vulnerability Alerter

Between the Alerts column inside the Websites screen, together with email alerts, you'll be on top of any vulnerabilities, if they arise so that your sites can remain safe and secure.


As a security tool,
Staq replaces

Wordfence | Akismet | Cleantalk | Cloudflare DDoS | and others!

Frequently Asked Questions

We solve your WordPress puzzle in one platform


Experience premium hosting via AWS, offering robust, scalable solutions for reliable website performance.


Consolidate website management on one platform - monitor, update plugins, manage users, and deploy swiftly.


Our proprietary firewall ensures unparalleled security, guarding your site against potential threats.


Boost backend loading speed with Redis Object Caching and enhance frontend performance through Core Web Vital optimization.


1-click integration with Stripe. Create custom plans and automatically charge your clients hosting fees. Set & forget and maximize profit.