WordPress Management,

Wave goodbye to the juggle struggle and manage your WordPress portfolio like a boss!

See & control all your
WordPress sites in one dashboard

See & control all your WordPress sites in one dashboard


All your WordPress management tools,
in one hosting platform and all for free.

All your WordPress management tools, in one hosting platform and all for free.

Website Table

Websites table

Your WordPress world, united. From site spin-ups to migrations, manage it all with a wink and a click.

Automated Plugin Updates

Plugin Manager with AI

Upgrades so smart, they practically do the happy dance themselves. Manual? Automatic? Your call, chief.

Client PDF reports

Client PDF Reports

####Monthly PDF reports crafted to reflect your meticulous management and delivered effortlessly even though the data is fully automated###

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Automated Backups

Database backups twice a day, every day with daily backups. Your data is in Fort Knox now, thanks to AWS S3.

Automated Site monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

We keep eyes on your sites so you can sleep with both eyelids closed.


CDN & DNS Streamlined

AWS Route53 and CloudFront join forces to turbocharge your site delivery.

Staq Panel at your fingertips

Staq Panel at your fingertips

Your Control Centre

The Staq Panel offers a unified dashboard for effortless management of WordPress sites, server settings, and development tools, all optimized for peak performance within Staq's robust hosting environment.


Control the plugins & themes;
not the other way around.

Control the plugins & themes; not the other way around.


Global Plugins Manager

Update One, Update All! Staq Global Plugins - the magic button for universal updates.


Individual Plugins Manager

Flex your control. Update manually with failsafe regression testing or set and forget with auto updates. Again, with failsafe regression testing for peace of mind.



Stay informed with timely updates and security notifications. Our alerts keep you a step ahead.

Optimize CSS JS Icon

Automate plugin updates

Enable auto update for a plugin/theme and let plugin management become a thing of the past.

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Convert to Global Plugins

With 2-clicks, find a particular plugin and convert it as a Staq Global Plugin across all your sites.

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Git Repository

Seamlessly integrate with Bitbucket or GitHub, keeping your development in sync.

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Debug Reporting

Find the needle in the haystack, fast. Then act faster.

Automated client PDF reporting for managers that provide website care plans.

Automated client PDF reporting for managers that provide website care plans.


Build trust and transparency with your clients

Client PDF Reports is a fully automated, set-and-forget solution for web managers to provide their clients transparent reporting. It builds trust and ensures automated and regular communication with your clients where it reports on website resources, active plugins, core, plugin and theme updates, analytics, backups and firewall data. The best thing is that all these data points are automated.

Resell WordPress effortlessly.
Automated billing, lets you chase goals
not invoices.

Resell WordPress effortlessly.Automated billing, lets you chase goals not invoices.


Prosper and grow your recurring hosting revenue

Create custom plans and maximize hosting revenue with Staq. Integrate with Stripe, Staq calculates your client custom plans plus excess charges, and it'll automatically handles invoicing, charges, receipts, and failed payment alerts.


As a management tool,
Staq replaces

ManageWP | InfiniteWP | Malcare and so many other solutions.

Your deployment tools in one place

Your deployment tools in one place


Spin up WordPress

60 seconds to a fresh WordPress setup with your plugins. That's less time than making a coffee.


Create as many staging and development environments as you wish.

auto-migrations 2

Auto Migrate

Using Staq Migrator, migrate any WordPress site to Staq within a few clicks, automatically.

Go live 2


From server configurations, DB replacements to SSL setups, our guided UX will take it live in minutes.


Premium DNS

Staq DNS automatically migrates your DNS across. Our premium solution is powered by AWS Route53.


Premium CDN

With 1-click, enable our CDN service which is powered by AWS CloudFront.

All the Bells and Whistles

All the Bells and Whistles


1-Click WP Access

With a single click, log into the backend of WordPress.


Optimization Tools

Our tools will load your back-end and front-end of WordPress like a rocket with Staq Cache, Staq Optimizer, and Redis Object Caching.



Staq Firewall will harden the security of the websites and block unwanted attacks without any configuration.


User Management

Assign roles and manage access with precision. Empower your team while safeguarding your digital assets.

Staq helps you

Consolidate tools.
Cut costs.
Enhance efficiency.

Say goodbye to these third-party tools and more:

Frequently Asked Questions

We solve your WordPress puzzle in one platform


Experience premium hosting via AWS, offering robust, scalable solutions for reliable website performance.


Consolidate website management on one platform - monitor, update plugins, manage users, and deploy swiftly.


Our proprietary firewall ensures unparalleled security, guarding your site against potential threats.


Boost backend loading speed with Redis Object Caching and enhance frontend performance through Core Web Vital optimization.


1-click integration with Stripe. Create custom plans and automatically charge your clients hosting fees. Set & forget and maximize profit.