Hacked WordPress Fix

A hacked website can cause issues to your brand and search engine rankings. Let Staq fix this urgently plus deliver a future-protection strategy!

Don't get hacked again with our solution!

Our WordPress Hosting experts can fix your hacked WordPress website for a one time fee of $199 USD and then monthly costs starting from $23/month for premium hosting. See our solution below.


The Process

Please note that we must migrate both your website and DNS to Staq for us to complete our service.

Step 1

Identify the issue. This is done on the current/old server and we then rectify the issue.

The problem is that if no action is taken, your site will be continuously hacked until the root issue has been rectified. This is where the next steps come in.

Step 2

We migrate your website to Staq.

Step 3

Apply NGINX Security Headers to improve security. We use online tools to determine if we're in the green.


Step 4

Out of the box, Staq applies:

Fail2ban: Staq has automated Fail2ban inside its infrastructure against brute-force attacks, including banning IP addresses that are trying to access the WordPress backend via malicious ways

Modsecurity: Web Application Firewall (WAF) has been applied against all WordPress websites hosted on Staq

This protects your website.

Step 5

If appropriate, we will enable Next-Gen CDN. This feature caches the entire website inside the cloud. All traffic requests is handled by the cloud as well which means a request isn't made to the server anymore.

Benefits are as follows:


  • Hide the server IP address
  • Improve DDoS protection


  • Website cached across the globe
  • The website is served from the closest data center


  • Optimized for the Google Core Web Vital signals
  • Fast TTFB and load times, globally
  • Better uptime
  • Intelligent rerouting of requests back to server, if required

Our hosting service is Staq'd with features

Plugin and Theme Manager

Hosting Support


Automatic WordPress (core) Updates


24/7, 365 day monitoring


Hardened Security


Free SSL

AWS Infrastructure

Free CDN (AWS CloudFront)

Create default or custom plans

Free DNS (AWS Route53)

Auto Backups & Versioning

6 Hourly Backups / 4 times a day

Free Access to Staq Cache

Free access to Staq Cache

Serverless CDN as Standard

Next-Gen CDN as standard

Google Core Web Vitals

Improve Google SEO with super fast load times

Image Compression & WebP

Automatic Image Compression and WebP Conversion as standard

Better protect your WordPress site.
Fix and migrate my site now