WooCommerce Hosting

Unleash Staq’s Lightning Fast WooCommerce Hosting for WordPress!

Tired of a slow WooCommerce website?

Staq has been engineered to deliver high performance WordPress and WooCommerce hosting out the box. With one click, use the Staq Next-Gen CDN and deploy the site to the cloud. Staq can intelligently reroute requests back to the server if server processes such as Add to Cart of Checkout functions are required.

Why Staq for Your Woocommerce Store?

Staq WooCommerce Hosting will take your online shop to the next level. Our goal is for you and your customers to have an amazing browse experience where your website runs effortlessly. Staq's infrastructure ensures a fast load time and secure browsing.

Poor web hosting equals trouble

We understand the pain of having a very slow hosting service. With Staq WooCommerce hosting, we guarantee a boost of speed way beyond your old cPanel or existing WordPress hosting service can ever provide.

Next-Gen CDN Cache for your WooCommerce site

Adopt our Next-Gen CDN feature and push your entire WooCommerce website to Amazon AWS' zones across the globe. You then deliver your website to the closest user to a zone.

Your users and Google will love it!

Fully-configured and Deploy
with One Click

Staq Woocommerce Hosting is fully configured and all you have to do is just click it and deploy it. It’s that simple. Whether you’re setting up a new store or migrating to us, everything is seamless.